Guide to Free Image Plagiarism Checker Tools

You’re browsing the Internet one afternoon and stumble upon one of your photos, designs, or logos. What? This website is using my intellectual property (IP), whether a photo, design or some other creative image, without your permission. What other images of yours are being plagiarized? Time to use a free image plagiarism checker.

Frustrating, I know. But there are free image plagiarism checkers to find your images and designs on the Internet. In this post, I’ll review some of the free image checkers out there and how they work.

Google Reverse Image Search

This is probably the most popular reverse image search tool online and most widely known. It’s easy to upload your image or URL to find matches of your image online.
To perform a reverse image search, head over to Google Images.

Google Images

Click on the camera icon. From here, you can either paste the URL of your image or upload your image. In my case, I uploaded a photo of a lion.

Google Images Upload

You can see the results below. Google will return a list of sites using that image.

Google Images Search Results

Tineye Reverse Image Search

Like Google Images, Tinyeye offers a free image plagiarism checker.

Tinyeye Reverse Image Search

To use Tinyeye, navigate to the link above. On the landing page, you can upload your image. It returns results fast and in a nice format. It also tells you the filename, when that image was crawled, and the URL.

Tinyeye Image Search Results

It also offers an “image switch” feature.  You can toggle back and forth between the image you uploaded and the image that it found on the web.

Tinyeye Image Switch

Smallseotools Reverse Image Search

You get three image searches in one at Smallseotools Image Search. You have the option to perform an image search by URL or by uploading a photo.

Smallseotools Image Search

In this instance, I uploaded the same lion photo. It then presents you with three links.  You can use the reverse image search at Google, Bing, and Yandex.

Smallseotools image search results

Yandex Reverse Image Search

Or if you’d like to go directly to Yandex for an image search, you can upload your image directly to this site or paste in the URL.

Yandex Reverse Image Search


As you can see, there are quite a few options for free image plagiarism checker tools. If you are a creative and curious about where your IP is being used online, try one or all of them. You never know when one of your images might pop up on the web. Or, if you give your images away for free, you can see how and where your images are being used online.

Free Image Plagiarism Checker – 4 Tools to Find your Images

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