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SecureMyPics scans millions of websites for image matches.

SecureMyPics scans millions of websites for use of your images or logos.  Much easier and more powerful than a reverse image search, our technology searches public websites for an image match and then returns the URL’s so that you can see where and how your images are being used.  Our app automatically scans the web at set intervals so that you don’t have to upload an image every time you want to check for plagiarism or use.

How It Works

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Reverse Image Search

It takes just a few seconds to perform an image search.  SecureMyPics can be used for image plagiarism, use of corporate logos, and more.

See The Results

In just a few seconds we return matches of your image search.  Click on each URL to see where your photo or logo is being used.  Whether it’s image plagiarism or authorized use, SecureMyPics documents where your photos and logos are being used worldwide.

Aren’t You Curious?

Do you know if you are losing sales from image plagiarism?  Is someone using your corporate logo on their site?  The results are fascinating and it takes just seconds.

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